PlusTrac™ Professional

PlusTrac™ Professional is designed for organizations that need ongoing support and service—whether a small business with a single AED or large companies with thousands of AEDs around the world. You can choose which features you would like to add to your PlusTrac™ Professional program from these program management services: Full program management services include:

  • Medical authorization
  • Medical direction
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Facility-specific response plans
  • Virtual site assessments
  • PlusTrac™ AED management application
  • Access to the CheckAED mobile app
  • Post-event support (loaner AED, ECG data reviewed by PlusTrac™ MD, records stored in PlusTrac™ indefinitely for possible future referral)
  • 24/7 live support
  • Agency notification and filing fulfillment Legislative and regulatory management
  • Customer support