Marketing Execution Workshop with Grant Cardone Licensee, Kirk Mote

Workshop content created by Alan Lazar; this is the man who Forbes magazine's #1 Marketing Influencer, Grant Cardone, trusts to oversee his entire marketing operation. Alan has managed every aspect of the Cardone Enterprise's marketing initiative for two years during which time he has almost single-handedly generated millions of dollars for the company. Alan's unique insights, vast digital marketing expertise, and his ability to formulate strategies both innovative and effective have made him one of the most sought after digital marketing experts in the country.

Now Alan puts his knowledge, talent, and time at your disposal so you can take your marketing to the next level and become even more competitive in your industry. In the past, people have paid Alan tens of thousands for his time. Now you can have access to this marketing power player for a fraction of that amount.
Workshop is delivered by Grant Cardone Licensee Kirk Mote via Zoom. Email to request an in person workshop for your team