Mobilize Rescue Systems Mobile

Mobile Rescue System

A lightweight backpack version of the Comprehensive unit, the Mobile rescue system is designed to address a wide range of the most critical traumatic injuries and medical issues, such as severe bleeding, airway obstructions, seizures, hypothermia, broken bones, and more.


Our suite of interactive rescue systems is designed to help untrained bystanders assess, manage, and monitor a spectrum of medical emergencies according to the protocols and best practices of the American Heart Association (AHA), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and the American College of Surgeons.

Each Mobile unit includes the Mobilize Rescue app on a tablet within the case. The app supports rescuers with real-time instructions on how to use the supplies to provide medical care while EMS is on the way.

The supplies in the rescue system are clearly labeled and color-coded to match the instructions given by the Mobilize Rescue app so rescuers can act with confidence. 

Mobile Rescue System Features 

  • Trauma and medical supplies to help manage severe bleeding, seizures, choking, broken bones, and more
  • An integrated tablet that includes the Mobilize Rescue app
  • The Mobilize Rescue app guides users with real-time, step-by-step instructions
  • Clearly organized and color-coded supplies with alpha-numeric labels that correspond to the instructions in the app
  • OSHA-compliant medical supplies
  • The ability to create a time-stamped summary of actions to share with EMS

Mobile Rescue System Contents 

The Mobile rescue system features comfortable shoulder straps and is made with a military-grade nylon casing for maximum protection and convenient transport. It includes more than 35 different types of medical supplies to treat a multitude of traumatic injuries and medical issues. It also includes extra space for additional non-included supplies such as EpiPens and Narcan.*